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Cleaning Rags That Are Saving The World

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It is not just superheroes in all shapes and molds that are saving the world. It is materials. Interestingly, these are materials that were once carelessly discarded and left to rot and deteriorate neglectfully in some of the most despicable places on earth. One such place, of which there are, hauntingly, a growing number, is your landfill site. Pretty much every city or heavily urbanized and industrialized center on earth has one. And it is appalling. Just think, it is a dire reflection of just how wasteful and abusive men and women have become.

Interestingly, and this is quite encouraging, the young children of today are showing the grownups the way. This is the way of the future, and children have been made all too aware of it by their dedicated educators, even more aware than their folks, of just how important it is to not let things go to waste. Anything and everything that can be recycled and re-used needs to be done accordingly and without another moment going to waste. One set of materials that is making its humble but noble contribution towards saving the planet comes in the form of nothing more, and nothing less, than your everyday cleaning and wiping rags.

Who would have thought? And yet it is so true. Interesting and ironic to note that these special rags are specifically used for cleaning purposes. As in cleaning up the immediate environment. And by extension, the natural environment. Humble they may be, worldwide recognition has been given to the decent men and women who have paid somber but resilient respect to your landfill sites, digging and picking their way through these foul-smelling and somewhat dangerous piles, picking out all those cloths and rags that could just as easily be used again.