Brief Outline Of Liquiflo & Gear Pumps

Liquiflo and gear pumps are specifically designed and manufactured to respond to the critical demands of those stakeholders fully or partially ensconced in the chemicals industry, as designers, developers, representatives, manufacturers or processors. Gear and liquiflo pumps are manufactured from high alloy materials such as alloy, stainless steel and titanium.

The pumps are also prepared with its necessarily corrosion resistant internal materials. Custodians of these pumps have also been provided with multiple sealing options. These will include magnetic drives and mechanical seals. Liquiflo and gear pumps have the ability to pump through quite a wide variety of chemicals. Such chemicals will include acids, caustics, polymers and solvents. And not only that.

The pumps can also pump non-abrasive, viscous liquids at high differential pressures. These pumps have the ability to operate over a wide variety of conditions. Gear pumps are self-priming devices. They are regarded as positive displacement pumps. They produce a non-pulsating flow. In order to operate optimally, they require lower net positive suction head (NPSH) counts. Gear and liquiflo pumps are apt for those industrialists servicing metering applications.

liquiflo pumps

The range of gear pumps now being produced have the ability to filter low viscosity fluids using a variety of non-metallic and self-lubricating and wear-resistant components. But they remain primed for high viscosity, high pressure and high temperature situations. The Liquiflo trademark now trumps standard diaphragm, progressive cavity, piston metering and peristaltic pumps. Gear pumps do not pulse or require costly air sources to operate optimally.

Metering applications no longer require pulsation dampeners and its related parts. And the gear pumps do last longer than the diaphragm, peristaltic and progressive cavity pumps. Owners of these pumps have no challenges going forward because these pumps’ simple principle of operation makes them easy to understand and repair.