Best Types of Flowers to Send to a Funeral

Sending flowers to a funeral home is one of the best, traditional ways to pay your respects for the deceased. Flowers are comforting and nothing is more important during the time of loss. Many types of flowers can be sent to the funeral home. Some of the most common funeral flowers layton are listed below.


That ‘funeral home smell’ that you so often hear people talk about is usually coming from the lily. There are a few variations of the lily that makes a great addition to a funeral home proceeding when you want to send warm wishes. This flower symbolizes rebirth and innocence.


funeral flowers layton

Roses are another common funeral flower. Each color rose has a different meaning. White symbolizes spirituality and purity and is a common color sent to the funeral home.  Deep red is the classic rose color that symbolizes love. It also evokes grief. Yellow flowers are usually showed by friends.


Carnations are used most often in standing sprays and in wreaths, but may be sold separately as well. There are several colors of carnations available. White symbolizes innocence while red means affection. Pink carnations are used to symbolize the Virgin Mary and are commonly used at funerals.


Orchids come in a few colors, including purple and pink. Each color has the same meaning. Simply put, the flowers say I love you, forever and always. The orchid is a long-lasting flower the family will be able to use at home after the funeral.

Many types of flowers are available to send to someone important who’s passed through this life. The types of flowers above are among the top choices. Which type of flower do you think is most appropriate to send to a mourning family?